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Citizen Complaint against the Department or Officer


Your citizen complaint should be made to the Chief of Police.  If the Chief of Police is unavailable to receive your complaint, an officer or employee will advise you when the Chief will be available.


The Chief may provide you with a Citizen Complaint Reporting Packet that includes:


You may submit your Citizen Complaint directly to the Chief of Police or mail the forms to the Chief of Police or submit them to an officer or employee by placing them in a sealed envelope and writing the date and your initials across the seal.  The officer or employee will write his or her initials across the seal and secure the envelope until it can be delivered to the Chief.


The Chief of Police will make a record of your complaint, mail you a Citizen Complaint Acknowledgment, and conduct an investigation within 30 days.


To maintain confidentiality of your complaint, only the Chief of Police is authorized to conduct an interview with you concerning the details of your complaint.


Notification: On May 12, 1998, Wisconsin State Statute 66.312(3) was amended to require that notice be given to any person who makes a complaint against a law enforcement officer that Wisconsin State Statute 946.66 states as follows:  “Whoever knowingly makes a false complaint regarding the conduct of a law enforcement officer is subject to a class A forfeiture.”


Please contact Chief of Police William Eichelkraut regarding any questions you may have concerning the Belleville Police Department’s policy and handling of complaints against the Department or its Officers.





Revised 2/2013

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