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Wisconsin Public Records law and Village Ordinances allow for the release of most police records to the public.  However, records regarding a pending investigation or pending court action will not be released without court order or permission from the Belleville village attorney.


In response to recent court decisions, the Belleville Police Department has put in place of policy of redacting (blacking out) all personal identifying information before copies of reports may be provided to the public unless the requestor has a “permissible use” for the personal identifying information or provides written consent from the persons named in the report.  The Driver Privacy Protection Act memo includes information regarding this redaction policy, and the Request for Unredacted Report lists the “permissible uses” for personal identifying information.


Instructions for requesting accident or incident reports


1.  Call (608) 424-3129, or

2.  Fax your request to (608) 424-6235, or

3.  Come in person to the Police Department, located at 61 Frederick Street in Belleville, Wisconsin, or

4.  Mail a written request to the Belleville Police Department, 61 Frederick Street, Belleville, WI 53508


  • Please provide as much of the following information as possible with your request:  date of incident, location of incident, nature of the call, name of at least one of the parties involved, incident number (e.g., 2013-xxxx).

  • If you are requesting a compete, unredacted report, you must complete the Request for Unredacted Report form certifying to your eligibility to receive personal identifying information.

  • The fee is $2.00 for the first four pages, 25 cents for each additional page, 50 cents per page for photos, and $10 each for DVDs.


The Belleville Police Department will respond to requests for open records as soon as possible, and our policy is to respond within 10 business days except in extenuating circumstances.  Please specify if the report is needed by a certain date.

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